Saturday, May 30, 2009

Google Docs Assignment

Google Docs would be very helpful for me as an athletic trainer. Having access to a program like google docs would allow me to make updates to injury reports or coaches report while on the road. So often as athletic trainers we spend so much of our time on the road traveling with our respected teams, requiring us to put our administrative duties on hold until we return. With access to google docs this wouldn't have to happen. I would have full access to all of documents and be able to update them without having to be in my office.


I have had the opportunity to learn about many new forms of technologies since my enrollment in KIN 710. Some I were familiar with and others I was not as familiar with. I do recognize these forms of technology to be very useful for me if I chose to use them in my social life. On the other hand I would not choose to use any of these technologies in the workplace. Since I work in the medical profession I am constantly handling confidential medical information. It would be unprofessional and illegal for me to share any of the information through any of these technologies learned so far.

Web 2.0 Assignment

I have been most intrigued with Facebook. Since being introduced to this social network I've been able to reunite with many of my close friends from elementary, Jr. high school, high school and college. Having access to this type of forum will allow us to stay in contact with each other for many years to come. It will also allow to keep in touch with new people that I come in contact with in the furture.

RSS Feeds Assignment

Although I don't really see myself using this very much I will do some more reading on it and play around with a little more. I don't have very much knowledge with computers, but I do find it interesting to learn about the different types of technologies. Maybe, once I get a better understanding of it and learn of more ways to use it I will get more into it.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

My Thoughts on Microblogging

The concept of microblogging is very new to me. As I learn and get more familiar with it I could see myself considering to microblog after this course.

KIN 710 Assignment (week 2)

I am currently working at the University of Arkansas as an assistant athletic trainer for the razorback football team. I am very happy to be a member of the razorback sports medicine staff as my road to get here has been long and hard. My journey up to this point has been great, but having the opportunity to work at a Division I university provides me with something I have been working so hard for since graduating college, stability. I've spent the last three years working as a head athletic trainer in both the Arena Football League and Major League Soccer. Although, both were rewarding experiences that allowed me to grow and learn a lot about the profession, both were also lacking the stability that I needed to support my family. Not only will I have a greater sense of stability at the University of Arkansas, I will be in an environment where I can continue to grow as an athletic trainer. Not only will I be apart of a staff whose goals are to provide a superior quality of health care, but a University that is rich in tradition and thrives on the success of the universities football program. I am very excited to be here and I know that this will only lead to greater things in the future.