Saturday, May 30, 2009

Google Docs Assignment

Google Docs would be very helpful for me as an athletic trainer. Having access to a program like google docs would allow me to make updates to injury reports or coaches report while on the road. So often as athletic trainers we spend so much of our time on the road traveling with our respected teams, requiring us to put our administrative duties on hold until we return. With access to google docs this wouldn't have to happen. I would have full access to all of documents and be able to update them without having to be in my office.


  1. I was only seeing the benefit traveling between school and home (5 miles), but your work has you all over the place! It is amazing how useful google docs would be for you! I know that I need to work with it more to get a better understanding of all the ways it can be helpful.

  2. I was thinking the same thing about injury reporting on google docs while on the road. I am not on the road as much because at the high school level I only travel with football to their away games, not the other sports.